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HPL Fuel Monitoring & Management System

Fuel monitoring and management system has become a dire need for large Organizations particularly oil marketing companies, banks, corporate sector,

textile units and various other production related facilities. The important element of this device is to control the willful misappropriation and ignorant wastage of Gasoline by the employees or the companies providing fuel for such arrangements. You can have direct control and access through device enabling you to be cost efficient and yet more manageable.

The accuracy count for movable objects is above 95% whereas in stationary objects the accuracy level is 99% and above.

Some of the applicable features of this device are appended below :

Corporate Office Generators
Fleet Management
Reservoir Tanks
Transportation Trucks
Production Generators
Container Gen sets
Production facilities
ON/OFF status
Work Time
Battery status Monitoring
Fuel Tank report
Fuel at start
Fuel at end
Fuel filling quantity
Total Fuel consumption
Fuel quantity with date & time
Live alerts
Tampering alerts
Standard Rod sensor with controller
Annual monitoring cost
Annual Maintenance cost
PKR 45,000
PKR 5,000
PKR 10,000
PKR 60,000

*General Sales Tax 16%, Federal Excise Duty 19.5%

** 2,000 PKR as standard installation price with in Lahore. Cost of installation at other stations will vary